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*Early Bird Special ends June 30, 2015. 

All attendees receive a Save Against Fear dice bag, a rubber ducky, raffle tickets, and a WWYCD (What Would Your Character Do) wristband!

A new addition to Save this year are our event t-shirts!

Limited quantities of both shirts will be available at the event. We encourage pre-order to guarantee you receive your preferred size. Shirts will be available for pick-up at the registration table at Save Against Fear. If you are unable to attend the event this year, we will ship orders after the event, for a $5 shipping & handling fee (included in the price below).

All pre-orders end August 1, 2015

5th Anniversary T-Shirts

Save Against Fear 5th Anniversary Limited Edition T-Shirt 
*This design will not be available again! 

Designed by Jeremy Thilo & Tori Hepler 

Sponsored by the following local game stores:
        1Up Collectibles
        Six Feet Under Games
        Adventurer's Guild 
Full color sponsor logos will be featured on the back of the shirt.
WWYCD? T-Shirts

What Would Your Character Do? T-Shirt

Designed by Steve Broncyzk

What Would Your Character Do? (WWYCD?) is our call to ask every gamer, if you were in a moment where you were faced with a difficult decision, think through your options with this simple little question. We play characters in RPG that are larger than ourselves, and these alternate personas allow us tol learn incredible things about ourselves. Things we may want to aspire towards, or things we may want to avoid being. They may give us the chance to explore interactions with others and learn new ways to approach situations. But additionally, this theme speaks to our other mission. If you see something occurring that you know should be said, speak up, look inside of yourself to find your character. The quality of a hero that lives and breathes within you. You don't need a sword to speak out against abuse, or an epic shield to gain the courage to speak to someone who can help. Join us in celebrating this idea and forming the biggest and bravest party that fights against hidden secrets and for safety for all.