145days until
Save Against Fear


                Save Against Fear 2013 was an amazing success! 
The Bodhana Group offers a sincere thank you to the tremendous efforts 
of our tireless volunteers, talented GM's and exuberant players. 
It's the high-spirited enthusiasm and compassionate nature of our supporters that will keep us moving forward. 
Keep an eye out for updates, pics, video and much more 
here and on our FB page! 

        Save Against Fear is a yearly fundraising event presented by The Bodhana Group. Founded from a belief in the use of role playing games as therapeutic tools, many of the members of TBG are avid role playing gamers and have personally and professionally seen the potential therapeutic benefit of this leisure activity. 

        One may ask why a group who wants to improve the quality of service to individuals in the human service system would follow such a path for a fundraiser. Gamers often have fairly open minds when it comes to the value an individual possesses. They know that a little hobbit, an orphan farm boy, or houseless drow can change the course of history for the better. They also know that if they work together, powerful enemies can be slain, quests can be completed, or lessons can be learned. Ultimately, gamers understand hope. Heroes adventure in hopes of changing the world, saving that which is of value in the world, carving a little bit of safety and security for those who they love.

It is in this spirit that we cry out! To arms, Adventurers! 
Our realm is on need of heroes. Will you answer the call? 

Want to learn more about us and therapeutic gaming? Check out our Executive Director, Jack Berkenstock, guest speaking on the latest episode of Saving the Game podcast! http://savingthegame.podbean.com/