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This year we are using a convention assistance website, warhorn.net.  This will allow attendees to register for tickets and game sessions in one convenient location. 
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  • We use Paypal for all pre-rgistration online purchases. If you would like to pre-register, but need alternate payment arrangements, please email us at thebodhanagroup@gmail.com.
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For all gamers in the Lancaster PA area, Save Against Fear 2014 is shaping up for its fourth year running! Save Against Fear is a charity fund raiser that is run by The Bodhana Group, a 
non-profit organization with two missions. One is reducing the impact of sexual abuse, through community speaking, training and treatment and advocating the use of role playing and board games as therapeutic tools. All proceeds go to the projects of The Bodhana Group, including speaking engagements, development of a therapeutic board game, the writing of a book on how to use Role Playing Games therapeutically without losing the fun, as well as benefitting the charities of Masonic Lodge #43, who is hosting our event at the Lancaster Masonic Center, 213 West Chestnut St., Lancaster PA over the weekend of September 12th through the 14th.

This year's con theme is WWYCD - What Would Your Character Do? It is our call to ask every gamer, if you were in a moment where you were faced with a difficult decision, think through your options with this simple little question. We play characters in RPG that are larger than ourselves, and these alternate personas allow us to learn incredible things about ourselves. Things we may want to aspire towards, or things we may want to avoid being. They may give us the chance to explore interactions with others and learn new ways to approach situations. But additionally, this theme speaks to our other mission. If you see something occurring that you know should be said, speak up, look inside of yourself to find your character. The quality of a hero that lives and breathes within you. You don't need a sword to speak out against abuse, or an epic shield to gain the courage to speak to someone who can help. Join us in celebrating this idea and 
forming the biggest and bravest party that fights against hidden secrets and for safety for all. 
Save Against Fear 2014 will feature our old favorites, like our mock character sheets, this year hopefully used for a pick up game using your made up stats and powers, our trademark (not really trademarked) bake sale, and all the sessions you can roll dice at. We will also be joined by multiple games of Pathfinder provided by the Pathfinder Society. Our friends the hosts of the podcast Grown as Gamers will be in full force, setting up their delicious adventures as well as recording event attendee feedback, and hosting one of the new additions to Save Against Fear - our panel discussions. This year we will be hosting two panel discussions, "Creating Your Own Game Q and A" featuring Rich Thomas from Onyx Path Publishing; and "Gaming and Therapy - What's the Connection" - a discussion focusing some attention and talk about our mission of using gaming for benefits beyond just enjoyment like character development, social skills, and even use for issues like emotional management and working through trauma. Plus workshops designed by the Grown as Gamers on being a better GM and Player!

This year we have dedicated Sunday to families and children, with Family Day where a special session from 10 - 4 we'll be running special kid friendly games like Camp Myth and Meddling Kids. All weekend children under 12 get in for free!

We are also proud to announce our special Piledrivers and Powerbombs event. This wrestling RPG is the centerpiece for a battle royale for the prestigious and newly created Save Against Fear Championship belt! We have three factions - WOOT, FAIL, and NOWW
 battling it out for the top faction to earn the braggin' rights until next year! This special event is supported by the game's creator, Prince of Darkness Games.

Games offered this weekend will stretch multiple systems and genres, from classic fantasy to superhero and sci-fi, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. And how much is all of this you may ask? Save Against Fear weekend passes are $40 at the door, but you can pre-register now for a savings of $10 dollars. $30 dollars for all the gaming you can handle, access to all of the special events at no extra charge. Your $30 fee also includes swag like our logo-ed dice 
bags, our signature rubber ducks, a WWYCD bracelet, and tickets for our prize raffles and our random treasure table. Not to mention the chance to meet a wonderful group of people and aid in a noble cause fit for any Paladin. 

To register, please visit our Warhorn page here, where you can not only register, but for the first time in SaFe history, sign up for sessions to reserve your seat in the games you want. Click: Your adventure starts here...